Metallic & Dry
Color range
Bring a beautiful finish to your creations with Winola Dry Color. It gives you the desired shade that you want without watering down your icing.

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Lively baking colors that gives a beautiful finish…

Winola Dry Colour is a food flavour mixed with gels & icing cream that is used to add flavour to your cake & other desserts. Just a few drops produce a deep rich colour that you want.

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Metallic & Dry Color range

An exciting range of 10 multipurpose food colours is used for topping your cakes and other decorations used. It can also be used to add vibrance in your icings and other foods.

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Winola is committed to serving you with the best baking creations for your celebrations. We have everything from ingredients to finished bakery products to bake the sweet creations that you want.

All our Winola bakery products are vegan. We strive to use the very best eggless ingredients to ensure our delicious products.

Winola always seeks to innovate and bring a vibrant range of products to fulfill all your bakery needs.

We aim to deliver the finest and consistent quality of our premium product offerings.